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Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Very special care for very special gowns! You can trust members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, represented throughout Australia, to give your beautiful new wedding gown or your precious vintage bridal gown the care it deserves:

Before the wedding: whether your wedding gown needs a touch-up or full-on cleaning before the wedding, ask one of our Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistsTM to assure your gown is absolutely perfect for your wedding day.

After the wedding: choose one of our SpecialistsTM to carefully clean your gown with particular attention to detail. We know it’s not just a dress for the day. Your gown, the everlasting symbol of your vows, represents all of your wonderful wedding memories and dreams.

Designers worldwide recommend our award-winning, trademarked gown preservations because we clean your treasured gown according to museum-quality practices. You may also arrange to inspect your bridal gown personally before it is carefully layered with acid-free tissue and folded into an acid-free, archival-quality wedding gown chest for enduring protection from air and light.

We are committed to the lasting beauty of your wedding gown. That’s why each of us honors the written international guarantee of every other Specialist™. Your gown will not yellow or have caramelised sugar stains, and when your gown is to be worn again, it will be inspected and pressed at no charge by any one of us.

We are committed to the lasting beauty of our planet, too, and we use environmentally-friendly cleaning solvents. With our donations to, we also offset all carbon emissions from the process of cleaning your gown, your travel to and from one of our SpecialistsTM,and the creation of the wedding chest that protects your gown. The trees planted by completely offset the carbon footprint of your gown, which means our preservations are truly green gown preservations.

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