Glitz and Glamour Wedding

I've recently been inspired by glitter, sequins and all things sparkly! So when it came time to creating an inspiration board for all the Modettes out there I couldn't think of a better theme than Glitz and Glamour.

Glitter and sequins in the past have often received a bad wrap, but they're back in a BIG way - mix with creamy whites, fresh blooms and dazzling jewels for a wedding that exudes all the glitz and glamour of a high society affair.

T H E  I N S P I R A T I O N

Glitz and Glamour Wedding Inspiration Board

G L I T Z  A N D  G L A M O U R

Glitz and Glamour Wedding Inspiration Board

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Credits -

Inspiration Polaroid: Courtesy Tamara Campbell Dress (Left): Rachel Gilbert Allessandra Gown Earrings: Georgini CZ Ball Stud Flowers: Debbie O'neill Cake: Adoremos Cakes Bride's Gown: Wendy Makin Regina Gown Shoes: Forever New Serena Embellished Platform Ring: York Jewellers Clutch: Jimmy Choo Reese Clutch Eye Makeup: Via Pinterest unknown source Cutlery: Image Olive Juice Photography Martini: Image Heather Christo Cooks Table Setting: Image Brooke Mayo Photographers

What wedding themes would you like to see more of? Make your requests in the comments section below! We're open to all themes beautiful, crazy and wonderful!

Isabel :)